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Hoop Shooter Pro

$ 55.00


Jason Wright founder of the website jwbasketball trains high profile basket ballers including the Australia Olympic team. He often uses the Hoop Shooter Pro in his training sessions.

-Perfect for all non-contact drills
-Can be worn connected or apart during drills
-Easy to learn how to use / works in minutes
-Eliminates common drifting of the guide hand
-Easily allows a “One handed shot”
-Contains magnets that stay together during proper form
-Gives wrist and arm muscles a great workout
-Helps keep elbows ‘in’ during shot
-Excellent muscle memory effect
-Very light weight, flexible and comfortable to wear
-Looks Professional
-One size fits all
-Can shoot right or left handed without making any adjustment to the HSP
-Cool Logo patch on both wristbands
-Can write your name on gray flexible plastic with black indelible marker

Click. Shoot. Score!

We are an Australian company and will ship these goods free of charge anywhere in Australia with Australia Post.

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