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By promoting proper bio-mechanics of shooting, the J-Glove uses finger splint design technology in preventing premature finger flexion at the base and middle finger joints. Additionally, the finger splint design creates absolute perfect shot set up, never allowing the ball to rest on your palm.

  • Prevent finger flexion at the base of your fingers ensuring an open-hand follow through with every repetition
  • Eliminate side to side improper wrist mechanics
  • Ensure maximum extension at the wrist joint during shot set up, resulting in keeping the ball off the mid palm of the hand, and creating more power/range on your shot
  • Develop proper finger separation in order to control the basketball
  • Re-construct your shooting mechanics of the follow through in a short period of time, while providing you with success and confidence to be a long-term successful shooter


Refer to the sizes below, however, these can vary depending on the hand and finger sizes of the player. Also, because of anatomical gender differences, we strongly recommend females ordering size small or medium only.

Size Small: Primary school students, ages 8-11.
Size Medium: Early High school years, ages 12-15.
Size Large: High School to adult, ages 16 – up.
Size XL: Designed for players with XL hands and wide fingers.

*Please note that sizes small and medium are made from the same glove size template, however, differ only in finger elastic width. This is also true with sizes large and XL being made from the same glove size template, and differ only in finger size width.

We are an Australian company and will ship these goods free of charge anywhere in Australia with Australia Post.

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