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Shotloc x 5

$ 130.00


Shotloc Spreads the Fingers for Stability, Keeps the Ball off the Palm for Control, Ensures Proper Follow-Through for Accuracy. Shotloc comes in three sizes depending on your age and hand size. 

How does the Shotloc work?

By positioning the hand on the basketball the right way, ensuring only properly spaced finger tips are in contact with the basketball (not the palm of the hand) you will improve your shooting accuracy by gaining greater stability and control of the basketball.

What size should I buy?

Check our Shotloc Sizing Chart [link to sizing chart] by downloading it. While the suggested size is for the average hand, your hand might be bigger or smaller and you should check with lines to make sure you get the right size (sizes 3, 5 and 7 only).

Can I wear two at once?

Yes. Lots of Shotloc fans have purchased two as the same principals that make you a better shooter also make you a better dribbler and lots of players have used two Shotlocs on both hands for dribbling and passing drills.

What is shotloc made of?

Shotloc® is constructed from our proprietary flexible and durable Polyurethane formula utilizing Reaction Injection Molding technology (RIM). It is a “Class A” PCF material that is abrasion and solvent resistant, color and light stable. It’s also anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.

Shotloc introduction video:

We are an Australia company and will ship these goods free of charge anywhere in Australia with Australia Post.


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